A collection of projects which I have worked upon to learn latest trend in technology, to improve my approach to solve problems and to became a good programmer over my experience.

Application portal for Pesto

Lead Developer (May 2018 - Present)

A career accelerator for India’s top software engineering talent.Pesto is a 12-week intensive training program.

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Auto Better Application

Full Stack Developer (Nov 2017 - May 2018)

This application was used to place the bet on different sites automatically using puppeteer

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IOS apps using React-native

Full Stack Developer (April 2017- Dec 2017)

Built and successfully deployed ios apps (BeautyDrive, GentleBirth) using react-native.

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Keyword Country

Full Stack Developer (June 2016- March 2017)

Created a tool for figuring out the volume(number of time it is searched) of the keyword using python and meteor

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